- An exclusive, backer-only digital copy of the game with special added content/path 

Isabella Santos

​Cheery and clumsy, Isabella is a simple person at heart. Despite her cowardly nature, she greatly values the people she loves and is willing to sacrifice herself to save them.

Rebecca Gales

​A real firecracker, Rebecca isn’t the type to take shit from anybody. She’s brazen and a bit bossy, which puts her at odds with other domineering personalities. Despite her fiery exterior though, she truly cares for those she considers as friends.


- A3-size poster with all the characters 
- All previous rewards

Luke Wright

Money, power and women, Luke wants it all. His reputation isn’t quite as dazzling as his wife’s due to his alcoholic and womanizing ways but he still somehow manages to fool the public into seeing him as the good husband. 


Zachary Steele

The gentle giant, Zachary is a real sweetheart and anyone who meets him can attest to that. He sees the beauty in the world and wishes to show other people through films. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way and his work is received poorly. 

- Includes Digital Basic Rewards



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Concept scene only; final art will be drawn painting-style.


- The Letter Game DVD Box Set
- Includes Digital Deluxe Rewards


- Digital copy of the game in mobile (iOS & Android). 
- Beta-Access 
- Includes Digital Deluxe Rewards

- Signed Thank You card with messages from each member of the team 
- An exclusive, backer-only The Letter Game DVD Box Set with special added content/path 
- All previous rewards


- T-Shirt 
- Post Card Set 
- Keychain Set 
- Stickers 



  • Told in 6 point of views (a.k.a. 6 playable characters). Each chapter will be narrated in a non-linear order by a different character.

  • Beautifully rendered characters & backgrounds. The characters and backgrounds are painted by our artists 


  • Quick-time Events. Several and engaging quick-time events to avoid life and death situations. Below is a sample quick time event (WIP):

  • Animated characters, backgrounds and cut-scenes. The backgrounds & characters will be animated to bring more life into the game!

  • Psychological thriller & jump scares. There will be points in the story wherein the characters will question their own sanity. These instances will make them doubt themselves, which creates an entire new conflict (man vs. self), apart from the ghost itself. 

  • Distinct characters with varying personality and attitude. Since each chapter is told in a different perspective, we’re very meticulous in our characters’ attitude, the way they talk and the way they approach things. We made sure all of them are diverse from one other. 

  • Mend or break relationships. Friends won’t stay friends and enemies won’t stay enemies forever in the game. It is entirely up to the player how the characters will interact with one another.

  • At least 180,000 words. The game will have 6 chapters, and each chapter has at least 30,000 words. The words for the long term endings are not yet included in the 180,000 count.

  • ​​Over 30 Backgrounds, 20 CGs & 12 quick-time events. The game will feature several locations and key events.


The Letter is an interactive horror, visual novel game that is currently under development by our team, Yangyang Mobile. 



Hannah Wright

The life of the party, Hannah is a local celebrity in her own right due to her wealth and status. Always at the forefront in fashion and living the good life, she seems to be the perfect star couple with her husband Luke. But, behind closed doors, not everything is a bed of roses. 

Ashton Frey

Cool and distant is how people would describe Ashton at first. But to those who know him, they would call him easy-going and reliable. People tend to underestimate him despite his genius and well trained trigger finger but it is an advantage in his line of work. 


- Digital copy of the game 
- Your name in credits 

At the heart of Anslem village stands a 17th century English mansion that is rumored to be cursed by a vengeful spirit. Various disappearances had been linked to the mansion, while people living near the vicinity spoke of seeing and hearing unearthly things. Dismissed as a hoax, the mansion was listed for sale by Briar Realty Corporation. 

Before its grand opening to the public, Isabella Santos, an agent under BRC, was double-checking the place when she accidentally uncovered a letter that said “HELP ME” over and over again. At the bottom of the letter was the phrase “Send this to 5 people or else...” 

- Digital Soundtrack 
- Digital Artbook 
- Exclusive HD Desktop Wallpaper



- Soundtrack CD Box Set 
- Hardbound, full-colored Art Book (A4-size)
- Chibi Figure

- Individual thank you sketch of all the major characters with their own, special messages. So that's at least six colored sketches, sent to you in high resolution. 
- Those who pledged at least $40 and above will get this tier for free! 
- Or you can also add $5 to your pledge to get this reward!